Hardcore Is Dead And You're Next
Koji Kondo, Konji Ito - Kakariko Village
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If you think your taste buds are so incredibly important that their pleasure outweighs the entire life and suffering of an innocent being I don’t even know how you can get offended when people question your morals.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - Mt. Moon Cave
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Goddamn the slow part would make such a sick chop n screwed team rock-it song.

Someone bring me chocolate


take a shot every time a misogynistic white boy makes a heartfelt speech about the hardcore scene being for “people who are different”


Flapjack the most slept on shit ever

I’m gone for like 2 days an all these nerds are responding to my posts.



Words Can’t Express The Feelings That Came Next…
I Went Down With The Ship (To Save My Family)

This songs about my mom.

Belle And Sebastian - Seeing Other People
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We lay on the bed there
Kissing just for practice
Could we please be objective?
'Cause the other boys are queuing up behind us
A hand over my mouth
A hand over the window
Well, if I remain passive and you just want to cuddle
Then we should be ok, and we won’t get in a muddle
Because we’re seeing other people
At least that’s what we say we are doing